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Since last 4 years, Mass IT have been providing high standard services to various IT sectors such as web design and development, graphics design, app development, software development and so on. Mass IT, Mass Information Technology is an institute of technology which provides any IT related services, besides, give facilities of training and courses and all developers are skilled who got trained from BITM (Basis Institute of Technology and Management).

Mass IT is a young IT company. It is largely a service-based company proposal numerous facilities covering training, outsourcing, and consultancy. Mass IT offers teaching services to the expert, semi-expert and students. The objective is to increase the talents of attentive persons and improve their capacities to work in an economic situation. Mass IT provides improvement and consultancy facilities to its native and distant clients.

Mass IT has a team of dynamic, qualified, committed developers and investigators. We construct inventive results for our customers. MIT aims to escalation the quantities of teamwork with more universities across the world. We offer 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone call, and email.

As you can see, we are like a complete service pack for your business or anything else! Yeah, we have born for this. MIT (Mass IT) believe on work and quality, not quantity. If we provide you just one task, we will try to do best because we know, if clients are alive, we are alive.

Our Expertness

Our team members are trained from BITM (Basis Institute of Technology and Management) and have more than six years of experience in all of these sections. We promise to our clients to provide a quality and better service and in last six years, we are the success to protect this promise.

Our Assignment

We, the “Mass IT” dream to build a digital Bangladesh as sustainable IT world as per requirement with our energetic teamwork. We are a team full of creativity of Design and Development in ICT. We trust that the approaching world will be completely digital based and we have been trying to digital conversion with our creativity. We want to make us different and believe on creativity because different looks can energy to consider altered and changed contemplate generates exceptional and touch the full art. We provide training for Web Solutions, Mobile Applications, Networking (CCNA), SEO, Affiliate, CPA marketing, Google AdSense, graphics design and editing services.  We always try our best to meet the industry standard quality which helps us standalone from our competitors.

Our Dream

Mass IT visualizes leading the software training industry in Bangladesh. Also, the company aims to be one of the leading software service providers in the marketplaces. We preserve solid customer service through standard eminence facility and realistic charge to gratify our clients. Our aim is to announce as a continuous fabrication core of IT-enabled services, decrease prime time and increase cost efficiency.

Want to Learn?

Nowadays, freelancing has become a great profession for all ages of people. There are a number of freelancing sites such as upwork.com, freelancer.com, guru.com, fiverr.com and so on. All you need to do, you’ve to open an account and start applying for jobs. It’s easy and simple!

But the key to success in freelancing is that you have to learn work. There are a lot of sectors in freelancing area. Some popular and well-known sectors are the web designer, web developer, graphic designer, video editor, writer, SEO specialist, online marketer etc. You need to choose which one you like and you want to do. You need to choose a freelancing sector and be a specialist and expert in that.

Many people start, learn work, but for encouraging shortage or for not to get any support, they drop out from freelancing. It’s a common issue among the newbies.

For this reason, Mass IT has taken a step to train, teach and encourage newbies who want to do but not getting proper support. We have launched a training system which pricing is cheap and affordable for a student as well.

Training Packages

Why should you choose us for training courses?

  • The classes will be taken by our experienced and skilled team members.

  • We offer lifetime support in your taken course section. After the end of each course, you can ask us any question related to your taken course at any time through system support system, our team is ready to provide your answers.

  • We are providing you a work-oriented practical training.

  • We don’t do gather in any course classes. Limited sits, so no gather and learning or teaching problem at all!

  • The certificate will provide after completing your training courses.

An Equation

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog = Mass IT”

The first part of this equation is a sentence which includes all of the English alphabets. Like this, Mass IT offers and do every side of IT section. That’s why; we equal that sentence with MIT. Mass Information Technology means A to Z IT service package.

Note: Some people may think us, as a part of Massachusetts Information Technology. We are not a part of any organization. Mass IT is individual and its name will be only Mass IT, doesn’t have any other name.


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