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Those who have learned the art of merging education, career and leisure throughout their lives follow the perceptive advice of Robin Williams in The Dead Poets Society: Carpe Diem! “They snatch each day and make it their own”.

Top 10 Practices to Assistance Improvement Your Career

  • Know your career mission and pursue it with vigor
  • Competence alone will not get you what you want
  • Become an “entrepreneur” – view your job as a long-term consulting assignment, not a permanent gig
  • Take some career development risks
  • Trust your passion
  • Network, network, network – even when you don’t want a new job
  • Negotiate for a win-win solution
  • Fake it until you make it
  • Only pursue goals that you actually want to achieve
  • Fill your life with a combination of work, education and fun

Mass Information Technology (Mass IT) has launched for helping those people who don’t get proper opportunity to get developed in IT sector. Mass IT is offering about all Courses (mentioned) of IT section. Below we are going to include short descriptions of our provided courses and services.

Web Design and Development:

In this course, you will find all things to learn what is required for being a web designer. Mainly, the major part will be WordPress. You should notice that there is a limitation in that web design course. In that, you can learn how to make changes with the look of websites. But web development course is a complete plan where you will learn all required programming codes as well as other things to be a professional web developer. Mass IT provides below services/training on Web design and development.

Order Based–

Personal Website
Company Website
Educational Website
E-Commerce Website
News Portal Website
Classified Ads Website
Blogger Site / Landing Page and
AdSense/Affiliate/CPA Compatible Website

Training Based –

Web Design – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap and JQuery
Web Development – PHP, Code Igniter, Ajax and MySQL
Web Development – Laravel PHP
Web Design and Development – WordPress and Joomla

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

We all know SEO that SEO is so important to rank up any website. SEO has two parts – On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. We have two different packages – Basic SEO Course and Advance SEO Course. Fortunately, Mass IT has included two parts of SEO in both courses. In Basic SEO Course, Mass IT will provide you the basic knowledge of SEO; only theory. On the other hand, in Advance SEO Course, we will teach you the advanced level of SEO. We will show how to solve SEO problems practically. Depth keyword analysis is also included. So, you will get a good practical knowledge, and you won’t stuck anywhere in SEO field. Mass IT provides training /services:

Training Based-

Practical SEO training
Advanced and Professional Training
YouTube Video SEO Training
Service Based-
Personal Website SEO
Company Website SEO
Educational Website SEO
E-Commerce Website SEO
News Portal Website SEO
Classified Ads Website SEO
Blogger Site / Landing Page and SEO
AdSense/Affiliate/CPA Compatible Website SEO

Apps Development:

Nowadays, App Development has become the bigger task than Web Development. You can use Google AdSense not only in websites but also in an app. It doesn’t matter what kind of app you want to use! At present, in freelancing marketplaces, app developers have enough demand. Developing an app is harder than doing a website. That’s why an app developer’s income is high. In MIT (Mass Institute of Technology) app development course, you can get training to be a professional app developer. Below programming languages are available in Mass IT training-


Graphic Design:

Graphic Design work has enough importance in regular IT tasks as we as media world. Without a graphic designer, nothing can get any digital view. It is not that graphic design has no value in freelancing. Of course, it has! Every minute, a ton of job posts are publishing asking for Graphic Designer. But to be successful as a graphic designer, you have to be a master in some fields. In MIT (Mass Institute of Technology) graphic design course, you will find all those things and by doing the course, we believe that you won’t get failed. We provided below services with graphic design courses-

Web Template Design
Landing Page Design
Contact Form Design
Banner/Brochure Design
Logo Design
Visiting/Business Card Design
Image Re-Touching
Clipping Path


CCNA means Cisco Certified Network Associate. It’s one kind of Networking Course. You can obtain a plus-point to get promotion in any networking related job if you do this course. In the CCNA course of Mass Institute of Technology, you can enjoy both the basic and advanced level training, which are CCNA Discovery and CCNA Exploration. Training Course Given Here.
The Cisco CCNA curriculum contains four isolated segments. These segments cover the education goals of the CCNA certification exam, which is the first step in a Cisco career-certification path. The curriculum emphasizes the use of decision-making and problem-solving techniques to resolve networking issues.
CCNA students learn how to install and configure Cisco switches and routers in local and wide-area networks using various protocols, how to provide Level 1 troubleshooting service, and how to improve network performance and security. Additionally, the CCNA curriculum provides training in the proper care, maintenance, and use of networking Software tools and equipment.

Networking Basics
Routers and Routing Basics
Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
WAN Technologies

Content Development:

If your English language skill is brilliant, you can choose the role as a freelance content developer; we can say that writer. But some things would need to know to be a professional writer. So, MIT offers Content Development Course.

Selection keywords
Selection title
Research / Write
Rough edit
Final edit

CPA Marketing:

Cost Per Action/Acquisition (CPA) marketing is an internet marketing strategy where an advertiser pays for a specific action taken by a potential customer. The payout from this action is sent to the affiliate who sent the potential customer to the advertiser’s web page if the potential customer completes the specified action.[1] The action can be anything from actually buying something to simply filling out a form. As an affiliate, you can benefit from earning a small commission each time a customer you send to the advertiser’s page completes the action. If you have your own website with good traffic or think you can set one up, it’s relatively simple to monetize it using CPA marketing.

What You Will Discover

Definition of CPA Marketing
Why so many marketers love CPA Marketing
How to get accepted into CPA networks
How to find offers to promote

The importance of Traffic & Conversions

Step #1: Getting Accepted Into CPA Networks
Step #2: Finding an offer to promote
Step #3: Picking a Traffic Generation Method
Step #4: Increasing Your Conversions When Promoting

Top CPA Link:

Affiliate Marketing:

Want to get success in Affiliate Marketing? You have to know some secret tricks. Mass IT Affiliate marketing course can be helpful for you. The basic idea of making money as an affiliate marketer is that you take a product or service that someone else has created or is selling and promote it on their behalf. When a visitor that you deliver to the offer takes the required action, the product creator/owner makes money.
Most affiliate marketing beginners tend to approach their online marketing activities as a hobby or as a pastime that can be picked up and dropped again as when they see fit. This, of course, is not true of every affiliate marketing beginner, but it certainly covers the majority of affiliate ‘newbies’.

What is Niche?
How to Select Niche
Niche Authority
Market selection
Product Selection
Sales Funnel
Split Test
Constant Monitoring & Improving

Auto CAD:
In simple words, AutoCAD is a commercial software application used to draft 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional models with the aid of a computer. Although this description provides an all-encompassing explanation of what AutoCAD is used for, it does not break down its uses into the specialized units the software is known for. Therefore, 5 practical ways in which the CAD software can be made use of as below.

As an architectural planning tool
As an Engineering Drafting Tool
As a Graphic Design Tool
In 3D Printing
In the Fashion Industry
As an Industrial Design Tool

Forex Trading:

Currency Trade, Forex Trade, FX Trade – these are all terms used to describe the exchanging of one currency for another; for example, the exchanging of U.S. Dollars to British Pounds. In the foreign exchange market, this is viewed as buying pounds while simultaneously selling dollars. Because two currencies are always involved, currencies are traded in the form of currency pairs, with the pricing based on the exchange rate offered by dealers in Forex trading market.

Lesson 1: A Brief Introduction to the Currency Market
Lesson 2: The Benefits of Trading Forex and Market Participants
Lesson 3: Currency Trading Conventions – What You Need to Know Before Trading
Lesson 4: Making That First Trade
Lesson 5: A Primer to Fundamental Analysis
Lesson 6: An Introduction to Technical Analysis

Freelancing Basic:

In this course, you will find all necessary knowledge of freelancing. At present, freelancing is a popular profession in Bangladesh. Some people can’t get success because of their illiteracy of freelancing. This course is especially for them! Our all courses are well-organized in a particular syllabus. So, there is no chance to miss a single word! Besides, Mass Instant Technology frequently organizes for a question-answer seminar for our students and registered members. In that workshop, all presented persons get chances to ask unlimited questions to our experts.


You are requested to visit our Course Outlines and Course Fees with your Capability & Capacity as you want. Please inform us of your uncertainty to continue with Mass IT (Mass Information Technology).

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